Yoga for Anxiety Series

Yoga for Anxiety Series

Yoga for Anxiety series is a holistic practice for nurturing and nourishing the body and heart by using practices that support a healthy nervous system

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Yoga for Anxiety Series
  • Yoga For Anxiety Intro Video

  • Anatomy Concepts of the Root Chakra and Lower Limbs & Pelvis

  • Root Chakra Asana Lab

    This is an asana lab style video that invites the practitioner (YOU) to become empowered in how your move and what pace you work at. The intention is for you to build a more in depth relationship with your own body and discover what insights and wisdom are held within. The practice is connected t...

  • Spiritual Homework: Root chakra

  • Qi Gong Breath Practice for Grounding with Jessica

  • Anatomy Concepts of the Sacral Chakra & Pelvis

    Learn about anatomical concepts for practicing with creating space within the joint of the pelvis (joint of where pelvis meets the femur). This also breaks down landscape markers for feeling within the pelvis of the "bowl", "weld", and "cylinder" which are concepts to describe the shape and parts...

  • Spiritual Homework: Sacral Chakra

    Second chakra spiritual homework! Engage in the senses & explore indulgence as a spiritual practice. This video is from Yoga for Anxiety with Jessica Garay

  • Solar Plexus Chakra, Anatomy, & Emotional Wellness

    This video is part of a video series, Yoga for Anxiety, dedicated to teachings and practice that support emotional wellness with Jessica Garay. Reviewing concepts on practicing warming movements without over-extending the nervous system and how that is related to a steady "burn" within the solar ...

  • Solar Plexus Asana Practice with Jessica

    A balanced practice of heat and rootedness, this practice focuses on the energy of the solar plexus chakra or the Manipura Chakra.

  • Anatomy Concepts of the Heart Chakra, shoulders & chest in backbends

    This video is part of the Yoga for Anxiety series. The anatomical concepts are working with moving menubrium and C7 in backbends as well as the shoulder blades or scapula. Also external/internal rotation of the upper arm bones or humerus. Also some concepts of the energetic principles of the hear...

  • Asana Lab on the Heart Chakra

  • Anatomy Concepts of the Throat Chakra and Cervical Spine

    This is part of the 7-part series of Yoga for Anxiety with Jessica Garay

  • Shoulder Stand Break Down | Throat Chakra

    This video is part of the Yoga for Anxiety series and is focused on the energetics of the throat chakra and approaching salamba sarvangasana or shoulder stand from the perspective of the nervous system

  • How to do the Head Wrap

    From the Yoga for Anxiety Series with Jessica Garay. A quick tutorial on how to use a blanket or towel to wrap the head during savasana practice or anytime you are in a restorative shape for supporting and nourishing the nervous system. This technique calms the body and mind and helps one slip in...

  • Silent Yoga Practice: Third eye & Crown Charkas

    This class is from a 7-part series with practices that soothe the mind, emotions, and body. Jessica explores a gentle Hatha style yoga practice that cultivates stillness and quietude in the body, mind, and heart by limiting talk and allowing one to slip into the silent bliss of your inner landscape.

  • Mini Restorative for Sleep & Anxiety

    Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Having a hard time falling asleep? Practice this short Restorative Yoga class with Jessica for easing the nervous system and soothing the mind into a more relaxed state so that you can fall asleep or get through the day :)