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Honey with Linnea | 9/12/20

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Yoga Church with Audra | 9/13/20

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  • Honey with Linnea | 9/12/20

    Love Hive Honey is where the practice meets the sweetness of the path. This class opens with fluid movements, feel-good postures, and soothing stretches. The second half of the class includes deep relaxation using self-massage, longer held easeful poses and extra supportive restorative practices....

  • Hatha with Talha | 9/11/20

    Making space for Prana with deep back bends, forward folds and Pranayama.

    Love Hive Hatha Flow is a graceful balance of movement and breath, challenge and expansion. Find spaciousness to glide into embodiment while moving mindfully with your breath at a pace that is steady and spacious providing...

  • Mini-Flow with Anna | 9/10/20

    Love Hive Flow is a dynamic vinyasa class that unites breath, movement, strength building, & creative sequencing. The flow practice is paired with a focus on yoga education and heart centered teachings rooted in real life experience. Expect a fluid practice that moves at the pace of your own...